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What can Business & Life Coaching do for you?

Why choose this service?

In my German practice, I usually work with coachees  to enhance or solve issues concerning their business and career, like personal career development or conflicts in their workplace.

Previously, with my English speaking customers, I discovered that it is impotant to focus on their private life and well being also. A lot of expatriates experience a hard time being abroad due to language barriers and cultural issues. To enhance business performance, it is usually necessary to take these aspects into account. Business & Life Coaching can help you have a more satisfying and successful time abroad.


How I Work

Coaches can mainly be distinguished by their approach and counseling methods. Based on my experience, the Solution Focused Brief Counseling/Coaching approach yields the best results for you in a given time.



In general, in regards to coaching it is important to have a good "gut feeling" with your coach. For this reason and because I am not a native speaker,a free information session is offered before you actually decide whether you want to work with me or not.

Regular sessions are charged on an hourly basis. The price is 140 € per hour plus tax. The duration of a session usually lasts 1.5 hrs.

The number of sessions required mostly depends on your issue. Usually, we will be able to lay out a plan in the free information session. You are free to take less sessions or to pause at any time without penalty.


My Credentials

I am certified as a Coach by RheinMain University of Applied Sciences. By German law, I am also entitled to offer psychotherapy.

Everything we talk about is completely confidential.