My Credentials

I am certified as a Coach by RheinMain University of Applied Sciences. By German law, I am also entitled to offer psychotherapy.

In Germany, coaching as a profession is not regulated. On the one hand, this ensures a multifaceted ecosystem of coaching providers that have very different backgrounds and methods they work by. On the other hand, for you as a coachee it is hard to determine if the coach you choose actually deserves your confidence. It is very important that the coach can make sure not to cause harm in their clients, especially because coaching often uses potent methods that are otherwise applied in psychotherapy.

Certified Coach

I am certified as a Coach (FH) by RheinMain University of Applied Sciences by the standards of ISAPP-Instituts (Institut Sozialer Arbeit in Praxisforschung und Praxisentwicklung).

Safety Through Therapeutic Qualification

Coaching is not psychotherapy, and I do not offer any kind of psychotherapy in English.

Though, my diagnostic and therapeutic background are of benefit for you. If coaching is not the right thing for you at the present time, this background makes it more likely we will recognize this at an early stage and I can provide you with information on where to turn to with your problem.


One of the reasons that coachees decide to choose an external coach over the counselor of the organization they work for, is that I have no contact to their employer. The fact that we work together is confidential as well as the content or our conversations. By German law, I am entitled the right to refuse to give evidence because of my therapeutic approval.

Ongoing Professionalization

In Germany, there is no regulation on continuing education for coaches (other than e.g. for medical doctors or lawyers). As a customer it is desirable that your coach´s professional knowledge lives up to most current standards, and he/she is able to apply that knowledge in their work.

Because of this, five to ten days a year I attend professional seminars on current developments in coaching and/or psychotherapy.