Transparency is a great concern to me in all aspects of us working together, which is why I lay out clearly what I charge for my work. Also, German law obliges service providers here to do so.

Price per Hour

  • I charge on an hourly basis.

  • The price of an hour of counseling/coaching is 140 € and tax
    (current German VAT is 19%, VAT exemption does not apply on services).

Organizational clients with session venues of their own

If your organization can provide a venue for sessions, I can offer a reduction on the regular price per hour (110 € plus tax in that case).

If the venue not happens to be in Mainz or Wiesbaden, travel expenses apply (1 € plus tax per kilometer for mileage and time or individually agreed).

Session Duration

The regular duration of a session is 1.5 hrs.
Usually, I would reserve additional time up to 1 hour after the session in case we need to work longer and would charge the time we actually used. If you do not want that, please let me know upfront.


I bill regular clients monthly. Bills are sent via E-Mail. My bills are always to be paid within 30 days.

If you need other terms of payment, e.g. to your employer´s or company´s address or bill sent by regular mail, please let me know upfront in our information session. Especially for legal reasons, I cannot change bills once they have been sent out.

Overall Cost

The overall duration of our work and therefore the overall cost largely depends on your issue. Some information on overall cost and duration that may be important to you:

  • The average duration of a coaching with me is 4 sessions (meaning 4 x 1.5 hrs).
  • Due to the counseling/coaching approach that I work by, you can always decide if the solution we found is good enough (and so no further sessions are necessary) or to pause our coaching and maybe proceed at  a later point in time.