Why Choose this Service?

In my German practice, I usually work with coachees  to enhance or solve issues concerning their business and career, like personal career development or conflicts in their workplace. Previously, with my English speaking customers, I discovered that it is impotant to focus on their private life and well being also. A lot of expatriates experience a hard time being abroad due to language barriers and cultural issues. To enhance business performance, it is usually necessary to take these aspects into account.

Business & Life Coaching can help you to have a more satisfying and successful time abroad.

Common Issues that I work with

A few of the work related issues that I support my German and English speaking customers with are:

  • Personal development and career development
  • Career decisions
  • Enhancing visibility and appreciation in the workplace
  • Conflicts in the workplace
  • Lack of job identification, dissatisfaction on the job

In the past, I recognized that with most of my English speaking customers, usually one or more of the following aspects also need to be taken into account:

  • Affective problems (feeling depressed and lonely) due to the situation living abroad
  • Lack of social interaction outside of the workplace
  • Lack of control/feeling of control over the own situation
  • Often as a result:
    Physical and/or mental exhaustion (burn out or tendency to burn out),
    enhanced vulnerability for medical conditions like flu or digestive problems